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Tuesday Oct 23,2018


3x8 wall squats
(facing wall, arms locked out overhead. Squat with knees as close to wall as possible while maintaining form)

3x8 plate squats
(holding a plate with arms locked out in front of chest, squat below parallel, hold bottom position for 3 secs)

Stretch Achilles on the rig
While holding a pole on the rig, place toe about 2-3 inches up on the rig pole, heel on the ground.
First stretch- while holding onto rig pole, pull body toward rig keeping leg straight, hold 1 min each side
Second stretch- while holding onto the rig pole, bend knee towards rig, keeping body upright, hold for 1 min each side  

Find 1RM Overhead Squat

5 min AMRAP
10 wall balls
5 push jerks 75/55

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