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Friday Feb 8,2019


Post Super Bowl Partner WOD
Teams of 3 complete following:

1st Quarter: 7 min AMRAP

15 Wallballs 20/14 (Pacesetter)
Max HR Pushups
OH Plate hold 45/25

2nd Quarter: 7 min AMRAP

25 abmat situps (Pacesetter)
Max KBS 53/35
Plank Hold

Halftime: 3 min REST  

3rd Quarter: 7 min AMRAP

10 Burpees (Pacesetter)
Max Push-press 75/55
Wall sit

4th Quarter: 7 min AMRAP

25 Air Squats (Pacesetter)
Max Double Unders (sub 3:1)
Superman hold

1 min rest after all quarters except 2nd.  Partner A is pacesetter, while Partner B does Max, and Partner C does static.  After Partner A completes pacesetter, partners rotate.  Partner A and B can't work unless Partner C is in static position.  Score is total of all max work.

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