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Thursday Nov 8,2018


500M Row

2 Rounds - Stretch Achilles on the rig  
While holding a pole on the rig, place toe about 2-3 inches up on the rig pole, heel on the ground.  
First stretch- while holding onto rig pole, pull body toward rig keeping leg straight, hold 30 sec each side  
Second stretch- while holding onto the rig pole, bend knee towards rig, keeping body upright, hold for 30 sec  each side.

3 Rounds
10 PVC Pass Thrus
10 OHS with KBs in each arm (work on full extension, shoulders back, armpits rotated forward with full extension)

5 X 50%
5 X 65%
5 X 70%
5 X 75%
3 X 80%
1+ X 85%


Back Squat (135/95)
Bar facing Burpees

0% 0%