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Monday Oct 29,2018


Warm up
404 Run
2 Rounds
10 PVC Pass Thrus
10 Bar Strict Press
10 OHS w/ Bar
10 Sumo deadlift high pull w/ Bar
5 Strict Pull-ups

Muscle Up Progression
2 Rounds
5 False Grip Ring Rows
5 Ring Dips
3 Baby Muscle Ups
3 Reverse Muscle Ups*
*Start at top with full extension on rings.  While maintating false grip, slowly lower to transition position, transion into an L-Sit and slowly lower body to full hang.  

5 rounds:
12 deadlifts @155/105LBS,
9 hanging power-cleans @155/105LBS,
6 push-jerks @155/105LBS

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

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