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Friday Oct 12,2018


For Time (with a Partner)

800 meter Farmer Carry (53-55/35)
100 Air Squats / Plank Hold
90 Pull-Ups / Superman Hold
80 Sit-Ups / Wall Sit Hold
70 Alt. KB/DB snatch (53-55/35)  /  Bar Hang Hold
60 Hand-Release Push-Ups / Handstand Hold
50 Buddy Deadlifts (225/155)
400 meter Farmer Carry (53-55/35)

To start, partners do the farmer carry together (one partner carrying KB or DB, switching as needed). For the next five movements one partner works while the other partner ‘holds.’ If one partner takes a break, partners do 5 burpees each then switch positions and continue. The buddy deadlifts are performed with a single bar, both partners lifting it together.

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