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Wednesday Jan 20,2016


14 Min  
60 Cal. Row
50 Toe to Bar
40 Wall Ball 20/14
30 Power Clean 135/95
20 Muscle up

Skill Work:
8 Rounds
Parrellete Leg raises
Parrellet Shoot throughs
Ring L-Sit hold

0% 0%
1st156 reps Alberto Wed,Jan 20,2016

Jimmy30  Mibility
Lenda156rep  Scaled
Jill C95 reps  damn toes-to-bar!!
Ann156 reps Rx 16# medball, 95#cleans
Angela14 min  150 rds. bar only
Alberto156 reps Rx
Stu175 reps  Scaled
Matt Gr150 reps  Tough time with T2B
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